Simple to complex

January 15, 2017 § Leave a comment

ElephantBookmarkJo Nakashima is a brazilian nikkei who makes origami tutorials on YouTube.  His videos have three different leves of complexity from a simple bookmark to difficult dragons.

His videos show his hands developing each piece, including all steps, but also titles and the typical origami graphics that represent the way to fold, which make them easy to follow.

“It all began in 2007, when I uploaded my first videos, but I only started working seriously on my channel in 2009. Since then I have improved my channel and my origami skills a lot, and started creating my own models in 2010.”


What I  like the most about his posts is that he gives a lot of tips, he even recommend the best kind of paper to create each project, and upload the instruction in PDF. It’s a wrapped up project.



▲ For paperlovers ▲

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